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Dry bags and packs

Dry bags and packs

As a paddler you always want to have your gear organized and - most importantly – dry protecting it from getting wet or protecting your car from wet gear. That is why we offer a wide range of waterproof dry bags and packs of various shapes and sizes. Non-standard items are available on request.

Our oval and cylindrical roll-top dry bags and packs are designed for paddling and come in with one and two shoulder strap options. Our cinch-top dry bags are suitable for work, speleology and gear transportation. You can also choose from a range of durable duffel dry bags.

We use highly durable double-coated PVC polyester fabrics Plastel 760 g/m2 and Valmex 1000 g/m2 for our dry bags and packs; incidentally, it is the same material we use for our vessels. All seams are manually glued with a two-compound adhesive and attention to detail. Shoulder straps are constructed from non-absorbent polypropylene and use robust plastic buckles. 

You should always pay attention to closing your roll-top bags/packs for them to work properly. After filling your dry bag/pack (max up to 2/3 of volume), carefully straighten the reinforced edges, press out excess air, roll down at least three times, fold back, close with a buckle, and secure with a carabiner.

» Dry bag/pack types
V = suitable for paddling -> roll-top closure

P = suitable for work -> cinch-top closure
T = duffel bag 35x35x80 cm
1 = one shoulder strap
2 = two shoulder straps


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