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About us

It has been over 40 years since I first paddled down the Vltava River. Back then I was a young boy at a summer camp yet I already knew that paddling was going to become my passion for life. Over time I have become a true paddler and put heart and soul into paddling. I have been lucky enough to explore and navigate many coasts and rivers worldwide, met my wife and a good many like-minded paddlers in the process.

Yet that still wasn't enough for me. I desperately wanted to have my own canoe; not the laminated one though since there were plenty of those lying around mostly badly damaged with holes in them. At that time, inflatable vessels were becoming increasingly popular. So I set down and spent countless hours drawing designs, cutting and gluing materials, swearing and throwing my work out the window. Then one day my 13-year-old daughter tested my first most loved yet most horrible creation. Since then a lot of time has passed – my daughter is no longer 13 and our vessels are of the best quality. Now we can proudly present our products all of which are manually manufactured with great care and emphasis on quality. We proudly present our family business - Hrab Boats.




Manufacture and rental of inflatable boats

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