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For all our products we offer warranty and post warranty service and sell spare parts too. We also provide repair service. This service is not limited to our products only. We will gladly repair inflatable vessels of other manufacturers, floatation devices, inflatables (air castles, slides, swimming pools, etc.), sails and other PVC products.

The price of the service is calculated individually based on the scope of the damage/repairs. With minor repairs – up to 10 cm – we charge 300 CZK.

How to use the service:


Should we not be able to repair your defect we are always ready to use a spare part to do the job. We offer spare parts for all our products. Spare parts price list is available on request.

Spare parts in stock:

  • Carrying duffel bag for the Fileta
  • Inflatable floor panel with Push – Push air valve for the Fileta
  • Plywood seat for the Fileta and the Pike
  • Inflatable seat for the Fileta
  • Tie-down seat strap (two pieces) for the Fileta, the Pike and the Drake
  • Push – Push air valve
  • Push – Push air valve adaptor
  • Repair kit
  • Aluminum thwarts (one pair) for the Drake
  • Seat (tie-down straps not included) for the Drake
  • Set of tie-down straps for the Drake
  • Additional deck for the Drake
  • Other parts - D-rings, metal clips, straps, bungee cords, etc.


Manufacture and rental of inflatable boats

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