Waterproof bag V 30x49x100/2 with paddle pocket and pump


The oval waterproof bag with two shoulder straps. Ideal for stocking your belongings during canoeing. It can be also used as a portable packaging for the inflatable canoes FILETA, FILETA SINGL, PIKE and others. The bag is made of combination of materials Valmex 1000 g/mand Plastel 760 g/m2, which are very durable materials from polyester fabrics with two-side coated vinyl.

– Closure: rolling and buckle;
– safety rings against opening (with a carabiner);
– two shoulder straps;
– load-lifter straps;
– paddle pocket;
– rubber lugs for pump.


Proportions 30x49x100 cm
Capacity 30 kg
Material Kombinace Valmex 1000 g/m2 a Plastel 760 g/m2
Selling Price (CZK) 1.690,-
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